Transformation - Awakening
This is a Journey of

Transformation & Awakening

Are You Ready to Fly?

Facilitating Your Transformation & Awakening

In this time of awakening, we are being called to step into new ways of being.

Transformation involves our inner lives as well as our expression in the external world.  When we let go of old energetic patterns, we open space for higher frequencies. As this happens, we start to live the lives we have always wanted to live.

The transformational process isn't easy, but it doesn't need to be as difficult as it sometimes seems. BioGenesis energywork can assist your unfolding.

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Published on 11-11-2018!

Kundalini Survival Guide: Awakening Spiritual Energy, Embodying Higher Consciousness & Developing an Enlightened Civilization is complete!

Part memoir... part resource for awakening... part guide to a rapidly-expnding worldview. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or curious about the potential that lies within, Kundalini Survival Guide offers inspiration and information for your journey.
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